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Accelerated Nursing Programs Associate Degree

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Bellarmine University to offer accelerated nursing degree program

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Associate Degree In Nursing

If you already have an associate degree in nursing and wish to advance your career, this program is just what youve been looking for. Our ADN to MSN program allows you to complete your Bachelor of Science in Nursing in as little as 21 months while integrating 12 credits of MSN coursework into your curriculum. Upon completion students can earn their MSN in as few as 18 additional credits.

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Associate Degree In Nursing Schools

Completing an ADN training program varies from 15 months to two years.

Many community colleges across the country offer this course. Before enrolling in an ADN program, students are typically required to take prerequisite classes.

The primary goal of this two-year associate degree program is to provide students with specialized technical training. Patient care, patient education, and emotional support are responsibilities of an ADN registered nurse.

International students can enroll in ADN programs solely offered in the United States.

The National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses, or NCLEX-RN, is a national licensing examination that associate degree nurses must pass to acquire a nursing license.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical annual salary for ADN registered nurses is $67,490 US.

The Associate of Applied Science in Nursing program is a shorter alternative to the regular four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program.

This 2-year full-time program is also available in part-time or evening formats, although the time commitment will be more significant. No-prerequisites students may have to stay in school longer as well.

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Top 5 Accelerated Nursing Programs

Clemson, South Carolina

Accelerated nursing programs arent like starting college all over again. They are more like doing your junior and senior years all over again. Some of the shorter, more intensive accelerated nursing programs cant accept working students. They may even prohibit their students from working. But there are some part-time and online nursing programs that can accommodate students who need to work. These programs may schedule courses for evenings and weekends, taking 18 to 22 months to complete.

Its important to understand what an accelerated nursing program isnt. It isnt an RN-to-BSN program. RN-to-BSN programs are for registered nurses who are currently practiced or at least licensed to practice who need to earn a bachelors degree to meet increasing requirements from their employers or from state licensing boards or who just want to advance their careers. RN-to-BSN programs take about two years to complete.

Accelerated nursing programs do not require any prior experience or education in nursing. They are for students who are new to the field seeking a fresh start.

How Do I Find An Accelerated Adn Program

Post Baccalaureate Accelerated Associate Degree Nursing Program ...

One way to find a program is to search for accelerated ADN programs near me and go through the results. The search results are guaranteed to deliver a lot of information about the accelerated ADN programs in your area, but thats all they do. What the search results dont do is give you insight into the school, the quality of the program, and the overall results.

Schools do have a responsibility to post the truth about their programs on their websites in terms of graduation and the passing rate for the NCLEX-RN and you can rely on the information as being accurate. However, you need more information than what the schools website provides.

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Denver College Of Nursing

Denver College of Nursing provides students with an accelerated ADN program that can be completed in as little as 18 months. Skills and protocols are taught that nurses will need during the day-to-day performance of their duties. Earning an accelerated ADN program can be completed in 18 months Students who enjoy this type of program will thrive in the fast-paced environment that nurses often work in. An accelerated ADN program also makes it possible for them to move directly on to their next educational goal.

Denver College of Nursing is one of the most advanced and well-respected nursing schools in the Denver area. The college provides many resources that students can use throughout their program. Along with the valuable resources, students can also rely on the faculty members to answer their questions when they have them. Graduates who successfully complete the program are able to pass their licensing exam and move forward on their career paths.

Program: ADN 18 months

Santa Barbara Business Collegesanta Maria

NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 94.12%

Santa Barbara Business College has a variety of fast-track degree programs for people who have a previous degree and wish to transition into a different career or receive their degree more quickly than many schools allow. They pride themselves in having a low teacher-student ratio, and they only have around 10-20 students at a time, which allows teachers to spend more time with each student. Youll get hands-on instruction in the nursing profession as well as electronic records medical software and utilize modern technology to diagnose illnesses as the big hospitals do.

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Why Elms For Your Accelerated Second Degree In Nursing

  • Earn your bachelor of science in nursing degree in 20 months.
  • Benefit from personalized instruction our cohort is capped at 24 students.
  • Gain experience in intercultural nursing by volunteering on mission trips to Jamaica.
  • Applicants must already hold an associates, bachelors, or higher degree in a non-nursing major.

Chemeketa Community College Salem

Mercy College announces increased class size for associate nursing degree program

As a nurse generalist, youll be able to work in various clinical settings, such as hospitals, public health agencies, community clinics, and private clinics. Non-nursing students and LPNs alike can apply to this program.

You will be able to demonstrate your ability to apply clinical judgment, communicate effectively, and utilize healthcare informatics to provide patient-centered nursing care after completing this program.

If you want to stay on top of the most recent developments in nursing, you can enroll in additional specialized courses offered by the college for registered nurses.

However, if you have completed the general education and science courses before applying, you will better get into this program.

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How Hard Is An Accelerated Nursing Program

Due to their structure and faster pace, accelerated programs may be challenging for students. To succeed in an accelerated program, it is important for students to set aside enough time to study and to stay ahead of their coursework.

1 American Association of Colleges of Nursing . Accelerated Baccalaureate and Masters Degrees in Nursing, April 2019. Accessed July 16, 2021.

Information on this page was last retrieved in July 2021.

Denver College Of Nursings 18

Accelerated ADN programs are often geared toward students with previous nursing or nursing-related credentials . Some, however, are available to those with no nursing-related experience. One example is the 18-month Associate Degree in Nursing program offered by the Denver College of Nursing . This full-time program consists of six quarters of academic nursing coursework and clinical practice. Coursework is completed in person on DCNs 24,000-square-foot main campus in downtown Denver. Clinicals are at various nursing and healthcare facilities primarily in the Denver metropolitan area. Students complete a total of 110 quarter credits, which includes 24 credits of prerequisites that can be completed at DCN or transferred from another accredited college or university.

Along with completion of all prerequisite coursework , admission into DCNs accelerated ADN program requires:

  • A high school diploma or equivalent .
  • Successful completion of the HESI A2 entrance exam .
  • Successful completion of a criminal background check and drug screen.
  • CPR certification.
  • Ability to meet all licensure and physical, emotional, and psychological standards of the Colorado State Board of Nursing and Colorado Nurse Practice Act.

A private institution, DCN is regionally accredited by the HLC. Its ADN program is approved by the State of Colorados Board of Nursing and nationally accredited by the ACEN.

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What Can I Do With An Accelerated Online Associate Degree

Compared to high school graduates with no college education, graduates with accelerated associate degrees have better employment outcomes and earn higher wages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , associate degree-holders earned over $150 more in median weekly wages than high school graduates and had a lower unemployment rate in 2020.

Some of the highest-paying associate degrees include air traffic controlling, radiation therapy, nuclear technician, and dental hygiene, as per the BLS. Other high-paying fields include healthcare administration and business disciplines.

An accelerated associate degree does not hurt a graduate’s job prospects. In fact, employers may see greater value in candidates who completed a more challenging and intensive program.

Progression In The 12

Guide to Accelerated BSN (ABSN) Programs 2021

In order to progress in the 12-Month Post-Baccalaureate BS program, students must maintain an academic cumulative GPA of 2.5. A grade of C or better is required in each nursing course. A grade of Pass in each clinical course is required for progression into the next nursing course. If these requirements are not met, the student is not eligible to progress in the 12-Month Post-Baccalaureate BS program.

Students are responsible for their own transportation to clinical sites. See the Nursing Student Handbook for specific health requirements.

Edgewood Colleges School of Nursing and all clinical agencies under contract to the School require that every student and faculty member have a background check completed by the Criminal Justice Department of Wisconsin. Background Information Disclosure forms must be completed by students before entry into the12-Month Post-Baccalaureate BS program. Students are responsible for notifying the School of Nursing of any criminal charges or convictions that occur while they are progressing through the 12-Month Post-Baccalaureate BS program. Students who have been convicted of certain types of offenses may not be able to participate in clinical placements and therefore will not eligible to earn a degree in nursing. It is also possible that a student may not be eligible for licensure by the State of Wisconsin or another state licensing authority if certain types of criminal offenses are identified in the background check.

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Is The Application Process The Same For An Accelerated Nursing Program

The application processes for traditional and accelerated nursing programs share similarities, although accelerated programs are generally stricter. Many accelerated programs require prospective students to submit previous academic transcripts, include a goal statement, complete prerequisite coursework, and go through a thorough application process.

Accreditation For Online Adn Programs

Some people believe that enrolling in an accelerated ADN degree program, especially one thats online, means sacrificing the quality of their nursing education. Through proper accreditation, however, you can be sure that the ADN program you select is worth your valuable time and money regardless of whether its a traditional or accelerated program or if its offered online or on campus.

Through accreditation students can be assured that their degree program meets important standards of academic quality. There are two types of accreditation to look for in your ADN program: institutional and programmatic. Institutional accreditation has to do with the school as a whole. Institutional accreditation of U.S. postsecondary schools is administered by several Department of Education-approved regional and national accrediting agencies. Programmatic accreditation concerns the vetting of the specific degree program itself. Programmatic accreditation of nursing associate degree programs is provided by the ACEN.

In addition to proper accreditation, all prospective ADN students should confirm that the programs they consider are approved by the agency overseeing nursing education in their state. In most cases this will be the states board of nursing or board of public health.

Current accreditation and state approval information can be found on program or school websites. If you dont find it there, contact your program directly to confirm its accreditation and approval status.

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Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is an undergraduate degree for students seeking to become an RN or for those who already have an ADN or their RN degree but want to continue their education.

Generally, BSN programs are offered for any prospective students who can meet admission requirements. However, accelerated BSN programs are designed for and generally only open to individuals who have already completed a bachelors-level education1. If you do have an RN license, you may consider an accelerated RN-to-BSN program.

Completion of a BSN program allows graduates to pursue an advanced degree, such as an MSN, or enter into nursing leadership positions.

What Are The Admission Requirements For An Accelerated Online Associate Degree Program

Davenport North High School’s Accelerated Associate Degree Program

The admission requirements can vary significantly between accelerated online associate degrees. Typically, the programs require a minimum of a high school diploma or GED diploma for entry.

More competitive or challenging programs may also require applicants to possess a minimum GPA. Schools may also want candidates to have certain prerequisites from previous training to ensure they are equipped for success.

Every school has its own requirements, but the standard college application often includes college entrance exam scores, three letters of recommendation, and a college application essay.

Students also need to submit official transcripts, which can lead to transfer credits. Schools may also award college credit for life and work experience.

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Manhattan Area Technical College Manhattan Ks

To help LPNs develop their nursing careers, Manhattan Area Technical College offers an ADN degree.

As a working nurse, you can benefit from this bridge program since it helps you improve your skills and prepare for the NCLEX-RN exam.

You can earn ten credits and complete the program in two semesters if you are an LPN with an active PN license.

Following the RN transition course, youll learn about nursing care for the entire life cycle and how to manage patient care.

You only need to finish 24 credits of nursing coursework out of 62 credits if youve already completed prerequisite courses in anatomy and physiology, microbiology, communication, arithmetic, and psychology before beginning the program.

Is An Accelerated Nursing Program Worth It

If you are a prospective student interested in earning a nursing degree, you may be considering an accelerated program and wondering if it is worth it. This is a challenging question to answer, and one that you should give plenty of thought.

Before making a decision, carefully consider the programs curriculum, and what benefits and opportunities an accelerated program will provide you upon completion. It is important to understand your goals and how the program will align with them.

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Is An Accelerated Associate Degree Worth It

Yes. An accelerated associate degree can be very valuable for many graduates. According to the BLS, associate-level training leads to better job opportunities and higher earnings than a high school diploma alone. Accelerated associate degree programs also have shorter completion times, which can allow graduates to enter the workforce more quickly.

In general, associate degrees can also save transfer students money. Rather than pay the tuition rates at four-year schools for an entire bachelor’s degree, learners can earn an associate degree at a less expensive community college and then transfer into a bachelor’s program.

Is An Accelerated Nursing Program The Best Choice For Me

2.5 Year Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Accelerated Nursing ...

Individuals who are considering a career shift to nursing might wonder if an accelerated nursing program is the right choice for them. There are several important factors to consider when deciding whether this type of program is best for you.

Accelerated programs condense a large amount of education into a short time frameusually in fewer than 18 months for bachelor programs and less than three years for masters level programs1. For someone who is interested in this type of program, it is important to consider whether or not you can handle the time constraints and academic demands of accelerated courses.

Students with strong time management skills who thrive in a fast-paced learning environment may find an accelerated program better suits their needs. In addition, accelerated programs are a good option for students who are looking to advance their education or shift into a nursing career, but want to do so in less time than whats required of a traditional program.

It is important to weigh the pros and cons of an accelerated program and carefully consider if this type of program will fit your needs.

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Indiana Universitypurdue University Indianapolis

Average Net Price: $11,285Graduation Rate: 50%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 86.90%

Indiana University is a well-known prestigious university that has long been known for its medical, psychology, and education programs. They also offer an accelerated BSN program that you can apply for, providing you meet the requirements and you have taken the appropriate pre-requisites. The program is a 59-hour program and combines the best academic research-based coursework with clinical practice. The program moves at a high speed16 months of full-time study. The curriculum is rigorous and provides a combination of practical & theoretical knowledge to equip you for a career in medicine. They have a B grade on for academics, diversity, and value. The U.S. News and World Report ranked the university #58 in Best Undergraduate Teaching, #46 in Most Innovative Schools, #99 in Top Public Schools, and #31 in Nursing.

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