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3 Year Accelerated Nursing Programs

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Can You Work While Completing An Accelerated Bsn Program

MCPHS Student Profile: Nursing
  • You can work while in an accelerated program, although it may be difficult. Many accelerated programs can be seen as a full-time position in terms of time commitment. The scheduling may vary, but many programs hold classes daily, sometimes even Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm. Programs typically discourage working during the length of the accelerated program however, many accelerated BSN students will find the time to work once a week, depending on their needs and availability.
  • % Placement Rate For Graduates: Montana Tech

    Montana Tech has a rigorous accelerated nursing program. Less than half of students graduate. But if you do, it is highly likely that you will pass the NCLEX on your first try and you are essentially guaranteed a job.

    • Average Net Price to Students: $12,104
    • Graduation Rate: 41%
    • Financial Aid: 87%
    • NCLEX Pass Rate: 100%

    Have you attended one of these accelerated nursing programs? Please keep in mind that tuition, graduation rates, financial aid percentages and NCLEX pass rates are subject to change. We always welcome updated information.

    Clinical Requirements For Accelerated Nursing Programs Absn

    The required clinical hours to become an RN are determined by your state board of nursing . In general you can expect to complete about 500 hours of supervised clinical practice during your 12 month education. During this time you will be able to gain confidence in your nursing skills by providing direct care to patients in a supervised setting. This will allow you to practice in a safe manner. That way when you go out into the nursing world you will have the confidence that you can provide safe care and you will also know your limitations as you continue to learn. In your clinical setting you will be supervised by an experienced nurse.

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    Requirements For Undergraduate Non

    You must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.20 on a 4.00 system in previous college work and at least 77 transferable credits from a regionally accredited university, college or community college. The 77 credits must include all courses necessary to meet Saint Louis University School of Nursing requirements. A minimum of 130 credits is required to graduate from the A.B.S.N. program.

    Prior to beginning the program, you must complete the following course prerequisites with a grade of “C” or higher from a regionally accredited university, college or community college. For more information regarding the Jr. Entry A.B.S.N. option, please email Dr. Laura McLaughlin at laura.mclaughlin@slu.edu and Christina Butler at xtina.butler@slu.edu.

    Jr. Entry ABSN Prerequisites

    *Human Anatomy and Human Physiology can be substituted for Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy & Physiology II, but you must take either-or, not a combination.

    The Davis & Elkins College Division Of Nursing Is Now Offering A 3

    Xavier University Accelerated Nursing (ABSN) Program Overview

    The West Virginia Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses in session on June 7, 2019 approved the Davis & Elkins College traditional 4-year pre-licensure baccalaureate of science in nursing degree program site visit report verifying the application contents and resources and provisionally approves the program.

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    How To Apply To The Accelerated Bsn Program

  • Apply to the College of Nursing through NursingCAS for the Accelerated BSN program. NursingCAS is a centralized application service for nursing programs. The application will open in August for entry into the Summer ABSN program. The deadline to submit applications for the Summer 2023 cohort through NursingCAS is . Applications must be in the Verified status in NursingCAS by the application deadline. Applicants who fail to submit their application by the deadline will be ineligible for consideration.
  • Request Transcripts from all previous institutions. Applicants still enrolled should send their current institutions transcripts to NursingCAS as early as possible. If you are taking courses in the fall you must also submit a second updated transcript to NursingCAS once fall grades have been posted. If you will be enrolled in courses during spring, you must include a copy of your planned enrolled courses include in the document upload section.
  • Submit high school transcript if you completed your required one year/unit US history at that time.
  • Complete UT application:
  • Transfer Application . Select Accelerated BSN for your first major choice.
  • Readmit Application .
  • Online Accelerated Bsn Programs

    Online accelerated BSN programs are a popular choice for many busy professionals looking to transition into the nursing field because they offer the opportunity to complete your coursework online.

    Although you will be able to complete the majority of your coursework online, you will still need to attend in-person clinicals at an approved site local to you, as well as some meetings on campus, as required.

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    Top 5 Accelerated Nursing Programs

    Clemson, South Carolina

    Accelerated nursing programs arent like starting college all over again. They are more like doing your junior and senior years all over again. Some of the shorter, more intensive accelerated nursing programs cant accept working students. They may even prohibit their students from working. But there are some part-time and online nursing programs that can accommodate students who need to work. These programs may schedule courses for evenings and weekends, taking 18 to 22 months to complete.

    Its important to understand what an accelerated nursing program isnt. It isnt an RN-to-BSN program. RN-to-BSN programs are for registered nurses who are currently practiced or at least licensed to practice who need to earn a bachelors degree to meet increasing requirements from their employers or from state licensing boards or who just want to advance their careers. RN-to-BSN programs take about two years to complete.

    Accelerated nursing programs do not require any prior experience or education in nursing. They are for students who are new to the field seeking a fresh start.

    Curriculum For The 18

    Hastings College 3+1 Nursing Program
    • NURS 134 Foundations of Nursing Science
    • SCIE 144 Health Assessment
    • NURS 234 Medical-Surgical Nursing I
    • SCIE 301 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology I
    • SCIE 302 Pathophysiology & Pharmacology II
    • NURS 336 Rural Health Nursing
    • NURS 334 Medical-Surgical Nursing II
    • NURS 356 Womens Reproductive Health
    • NURS 333 Gerontology
    • NURS 357 Pediatric Nursing
    • NURS 443 Community Health Nursing
    • NURS 441 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
    • NURS 448 Introduction to Research Methods and Design
    • NURS 490 Thesis
    • NURS 434 Advanced Medical-Surgical Nursing
    • NURS 446 Trans. to Prof. Practice I: Health Policy & Leadership
    • NURS 495 Trans. to Prof. Practice II: Independent Practicum

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    The University Of Hawaii

    Honolulu, HI 956-8939

    NCLEX-RN Pass Rate 89%

    The University of Hawaii at Manoa offers an accelerated MSN program for those with a degree in a non-nursing field. After one year of full-time study, students are eligible to sit for the NCLEX-RN and become registered nurses after that, they have the option of choosing a degree track that leads to an MSN, which prepares them for a career as an advanced practice nurse.

    Adventhealth Announces New Three

    by Caden DeLisa | Aug 25, 2022

    • AdventHealth, one of Floridas leading health providers, announced the launch of its three-year accelerated nursing pathway program
    • The academic track will be held at the providers education institution AdventHealth University in Orlando, as well as the universitys Denver campus
    • The program aims to replace a traditional four-year degree curriculum while offering a more comprehensive teaching of skills necessary to the health workforce

    AdventHealth on Wednesday announced the launch of its three-year accelerated program for prospective nurses. Held at the health providers university in Orlando, the pathway will aid in addressing Floridas acute nursing shortage.

    The program is aimed at high school graduates, college transfer students, and mid-career professionals. This reorganized bachelors degree option is one of several programs in nursing education taking place at AdventHealth University to grow the nursing workforce and curb the nursing shortage.

    AdventHealth University is committed to making it easier to pursue a rewarding career as a nurse and providing as many easily-accessible entry points as possible to do so, said , dean of nursing at AdventHealth University. Our faculty and team are working diligently to implement innovative ways to help stem the nursing shortfall as we inspire and support nurses and nursing students.

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    Is An Accelerated Nursing Program Right For Me

    Accelerated nursing programs are best for people who are certain theyre ready for a career change. The programs are a serious commitment: Youll need to be prepared for an intense and demanding academic environment.

    Students come to accelerated programs from a variety of backgrounds. Many students decide to pursue nursing after spending years in other people-oriented careers such as teaching or human services. Often, people coming from these fields make the change to nursing because it offers more opportunities to advance, take on leadership roles, and increase earnings.

    Many students decide to pursue nursing after spending years in other people-oriented careers such as teaching or human services.

    However, students of any background can be successful in an accelerated nursing program. An accelerated program could be right for students who initially pursued business, English, political science, or any other discipline. The dedication to a future nursing career and the motivation to succeed matter more than your individual academic or career background.

    What Are The Important Differences Between Accelerated Nursing Programs

    Xavier University School of Nursing by Xavier University School of ...

    The objective of every accelerated nursing program is giving students the coursework and training they need to practice nursing in the shortest time possible. Every accelerated nursing program offers a fast-track degree. But there are nuances between accelerated nursing programs that make a difference for choosing the right program.

    • BA or BS? Some programs dont care about their students undergraduate majors. A BA in any field may be fine. Other programs expect their students already to hold a BS in a science field.
    • Start date. Most US academic programs start sometime between the middle of August and the first week of October, depending on the part of the country where the courses are held. Accelerated nursing programs tend to start in January or October, although summer start dates are also popular.
    • Online or on-campus? Some highly motivated students dont have any trouble learning essential nursing concepts from online classes. They will still need to go to campus or a teaching hospital for their clinical work, but they dont need to go to a physical classroom for their didactic work. Some students learn better in person-to-person interaction. These students should opt for brick-and-mortar classes with professors they see in person and students with whom they can more easily form relationships.

    No matter what your undergraduate degree, you will need to have completed some accelerated nursing program prerequisites.

    Heres a sample list of accelerated BSN prerequisites.

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    New Jersey City University

    Jersey City, NJ 200-2000

    NCLEX Pass Rate 93%

    NJCU, a public university in the heart of New Jersey, offers an accelerated nursing program consisting of 64 credits. The program can be completed in about a year and a half. With accelerated BSN programs available at both the Jersey City campus and the Wall campus, area students can choose the location that works best for them. Like most accelerated nursing programs, NJCU expects its nursing students to enroll full-time and plan not to work during the intensive program.

    School Of Nursing Undergraduate Petition Form

    Petitioning Courses

    For any course that does not transfer into ISU as equivalent, students are welcome to submit a petition to the School of Nursing to see if the faculty will accept their course in place of the given School of Nursing undergraduate requirement. Students are also welcome to submit a petition for a course they would like to take to see if the School of Nursing would pre-approve the course for our undergraduate requirements.Petitions must include:

    • A completed form, including a signature and date
    • A copy of the course description for the course
    • An unofficial transcript with course completion

    Please send the completed information to the School of Nursing via email at . Staff will process your petition and send to the faculty for review for the final decision. If the faculty approves your petition, an approved nursing petition means that your course will satisfy the undergraduate nursing requirement but will not show as equivalent to the ISU course in your ISU transcript. The petition process usually takes 2-3 weeks.

    Petitioning Other Requirements

    In some cases, students may want to petition School of Nursing requirements other than courses. These may include, but are not limited to, undergraduate nursing application requirements, undergraduate nursing admission requirements, or graduation requirements. These petitions must include:

    Students should contact the School of Nursing Academic Advisor for guidance on their nursing petition and/or University Petition.

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    Is An Accelerated Nursing Program The Same As A Bridge Program

    Both accelerated nursing programs and bridge programs offer paths to nursing degrees, but they are very different. Accelerated programs are designed for students who have a bachelors degree in another area. It allows them to take nursing courses at a fast pace and earn their BSN quickly. They arent meant for people with prior nursing experience.

    In contrast, bridge programs are designed for current nurses who want to further their nursing education and seek a higher-level. For example, a licensed practical nurse can use a bridge program to earn their BSN without needing to spend four years in school. Similarly, an RN who has earned an Associate Degree in Nursing can pursue their Master of Science in Nursing degree with an RN-to-MSN bridge program.

    What do they have in common? Both accelerated nursing programs and bridge programs save students time and money by allowing them to earn their degrees more quickly than they would pursuing traditional pathways.

    Reasons To Enter An Accelerated Program

    Kettering College Nursing Program

    Accelerated BSN program students are typically older than the average student and are making a career change. Sometimes that career change is a personal decision, and sometimes it results from layoffs, company relocation, or other factors. Many students find that an accelerated baccalaureate program is the next logical step for their chosen career path. Because of the intensity of the schedule of these accelerated programs, most students cannot work while attending school. Some students may choose an accelerated program because they have the opportunity to concentrate fully on their curriculum and learning for a certain time, whether they study online or on campus.

    Online Options Those nursing students pursuing an accelerated undergraduate or bachelor-level degree may find courses available online, whether they are pursuing an accelerated RN, accelerated BSN, or accelerated MSN degree. Online accelerated programs are one of the least expensive options for this degree. Since nursing programs require students to undergo a certain amount of clinical hours, an online nursing program allows the student to perform these clinical hours at local hospital facilities. However, those who are worried about their finances will be happy to hear that financial aid is also usually available to those looking to complete accelerated BSN programs and those at other levels.

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    Are Online Nursing Classes Hard

    Online accelerated nursing courses are rigorous and require self-discipline in the online learning environment. Instructor deadlines still apply, and youll want to make sure you account for the fast-paced nature of the program. In-person nursing skills labs at our facilities provide a contextual environment for you to learn and practice the safe, effective application of core clinical skills.

    Turn Your Bachelor’s Degree Into A Nursing Degree

    UMass Boston’s Accelerated Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing program is designed for people with a bachelors degree in another field who want to become a nurse. The online ABS-N program allows you to become a baccalaureate-prepared registered nurse in 12 months. Study with instructors specially trained in online, concept-based learning and experience face-to-face, state-of-the-art simulation and live clinical experiences.

    The Pre-licensure Nursing program maintains Full Approval Status from the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Nursing.

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    English Language Proficiency Requirement

    English Language Proficiency is an important part of the application process for those whose first language is not English. The College of Nursing has the discretion to determine individual standards for how this requirement will be met using one or more of the following:

    • English Language exam scores. All applicants who have obtained a degree from an institution outside of the United States must present a TOEFL score of at least 100 an IELTS score of at least 7, or a DuoLingo score of at least 120. Scores over 2 years old will not be accepted. Students must ask the testing agency to send original scores to Creighton University .
    • Students who have completed a degree from the following countries may petition to waive the English Language Proficiency requirement: Australia, Canada, Barbados, Bahamas, Bermuda, British Virgin Islands, Cayman Islands, Dominica, Grenada, Guam, Ireland, Jamaica, Marshall Islands, New Zealand, St. Kitts, St. Lucia, Scotland, Singapore, Trinidad and Tobago, United Kingdom, United States, and Virgin Islands.

    The College of Nursing reserves the right to require students to re-take the exam. It is also at the discretion of the College of Nursing as to whether an English Language Proficiency exam is required of applicants who have earned a college degree from a university in the United States or another approved country.

    Accelerated Bsn Admissions Faq

    Georgian Court University Launches Accelerated Nursing Degree (A.B.S.N ...

    Can prerequisite courses be completed at a different college/university? Yes, prerequisite courses may be taken at your local college or university. The University of Tennessee will accept transfer credit of similar content from any two- or four-year accredited institutionsnormally institutions with regional accreditation status in the United States. College transcripts are evaluated after a student is admitted to the university and typically are completed several weeks after the student is admitted. Credits that are not acceptable for transfer include courses that are remedial, occupational, technical, noncredit, or career coursework used for the applied science degree from career and technical programs. For more information regarding credit transfer, see Transfer Credit Policies & Procedures.

    How many spaces typically are available each year?The program enrolls 72 students per year.

    Do you accept international students?Yes, we accept international students into the program. International student applicants need to have their transcripts from international institutions evaluated by any evaluation agency thats a member of NACES . UT is able to process an application only after receiving the necessary report from the evaluation company. Companies offering these evaluation services include:

    Is there a wait list for the ABSN program?Yes, students will be notified by email if placed on the wait list.

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