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12 Month Second Degree Nursing Programs

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Lewis & Clark College

In Her Own Words: Duquesnes Second Degree Nursing Program

Lewis & Clark College offers students with a previous Bachelors degree a chance to obtain their nursing credentials in a shorter period. You will take part in an accelerated curriculum plan of 4 semesters of intense coursework that will prepare you for a nursing career after completing the NCLEX exam. The Commission accredits the degree on Collegiate Nursing Education . The Idaho Board of Nursing also approves it.

Average Net Price: $35,872

Graduation Rate: 65%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 90.79%

Enrolling in an accelerated nursing program allows you to get your nursing education fast so that you can get to work as soon as possible. If you hold a Bachelors degree from an accredited institution, you are a candidate for a nursing license. At Concordia, you will immerse yourself in a fast-paced curriculum including online and real-world experiences that will prepare you for the in-hospital experience. Concordia is big on clinical experiences, and you will begin your clinical experience to correlate with the same topic you are studying. They received a B- from, and they were rated #31 in Best Value Colleges.

Bsn Programs In New Jersey

A Bachelorâs of Science in Nursing is another educational option for becoming a registered nurse. This program is traditionally 4 years in length and typically offered at larger universities in more urban areas. A registered nurse with a BSN has the opportunity to hold a wider variety of nursing jobs, including management positions, and has the potential to earn a higher salary. Additionally, many schools are now offering an accelerated BSN program as well as an RN to BSN program, making it one of the most versatile nursing degrees out there.

New Jersey has more than 12 schools throughout the state that offer an accredited BSN program.

Why Should I Consider An Accelerated Nursing Degree / Second Degree Bsn

If you already have bachelors and are hoping to make a career change into nursing doing one of these programs may be just the path for you. You wont have to waste time taking core courses such as history and English. Instead you can just jump right in and focus on the nursing specific courses. Another advantage of getting your BSN is that if you decide to further your career even more later and earn your PhD or become an advanced practice registered nurse , you will have the required degree to apply.

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Accelerated Nursing Programs By State

  • As a part of your application you will have to submit letters of recommendation.
  • Make sure you submit an up to date resume to highlight your experience.
  • Most programs will require you to write at least 1 essay or a personal statement.
  • Submitting the application will likely involve a fee. This can vary from school to school.
  • Some programs require prospective students to interview as well.
  • Take The Next Step Toward Your Healthcare Future With Online Learning

    The basic 12 month nursing program is for second degree students ...

    Lauren is a Registered Nurse and Womens Health Nurse Practitioner who works in an OB/GYN clinic in the Boston area. She completed a Direct Entry MSN program at Boston College in May 2017 after obtaining a BS in Forensic Science and a BS in Biology from the University of New Haven, so she has special awareness of how confusing the many paths to nursing can be! She is passionate about enhancing and clarifying the nursing role globally as well as combatting human trafficking from a public health standpoint. In her free time Lauren enjoys writing and traveling.

    Sources: 50 State Boards of Nursing, University Websites, U.S. Department of Education, Bureau of Labor Statistics. Ranking Methodology.

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    Requirements And Prerequisites For Accelerated Bsn Programs

  • Prerequisite Courses: Besides having a bachelors degree, many accelerated programs require a number of core prerequisite courses. Common subjects include microbiology, statistics, and sometimes anatomy and physiology. If it has been a few years since you completed these courses, be sure to check if the school requires the classes to be taken within a certain amount of years.
  • Entrance Exam: Most programs have an entrance exam as a requisite for entering the nursing program, and the same holds true for accelerated applicants. The entry exam covers the subjects that are needed for entry to nursing school: math, reading, science, and English. Whether its the HESI, ATI, or TEASE, there are many resources to help you review and score well on the entrance exam.
  • GPA: GPA is an important consideration for accelerated BSN programs, as many programs will require a minimum GPA for application. Usually, the minimum GPA for consideration into the program ranges from 3.0 to 3.5.
  • Msn Vs Accelerated Bsn

    If you already have a Bachelors degree in a non-nursing related field, it is possible to enroll in a direct-entry MSN program instead of a BSN program, meaning you would graduate with your RN/MSN instead of your RN/BSN.

    Choosing between an accelerated BSN and MSN program largely depends on your long-term goals. An MSN might be right for you if youre interested in moving directly to more administrative, managerial or research-based opportunities.

    Additionally, an MSN can be a stepping stone for even more advanced education, such as a doctorate or advanced nursing specialty degree.

    Here are some considerations to choosing an accelerated MSN vs. BSN:

    Overall, a direct-entry MSN program may be right for you if you have more time to complete your degree and are looking to move quickly into an advanced nursing position.

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    Online Accelerated Second Degree Bsn Programs

    There are some online schools that offer second degree BSN programs however, if you decide to go this route you have to make sure you are within traveling distance for the clinical portion of the school or find out if the school has partnering medical facilities in your area that provides the clinical work. Some of the online schools for accelerated nursing include:

    Remington College: Remington College is located in Lake Mary, Florida, and offers an online accelerated Bachelors Degree program in nursing that can be completed in 12 months. Clinical work is completed in the Orlando area.

    The University of Southern Nevada: The accelerated nursing program at this university is completed in 14 months. Located in Henderson, Nevada, clinical work and exams are completed at locations throughout Southern Nevada. The online program has increased enrollment capacity and keeps you from being on waiting lists for a long time.

    Online second-degree BSN nursing programs make it possible for you to get your BSN from the comfort of home. You should be prepared to be dedicated to your coursework and can focus on it a set amount of time each day.

    Accelerated Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Degree Overview

    Duquesne University Second Degree BSN Program

    If youre ready to jump into nursing head-on, start your career ahead of the curve with Nebraska Methodist Colleges 12-month accelerated bachelor of science in nursing degree program .

    Graduates are prepared to assume nursing careers not just as competent nurses, but also as healthcare leaders. When you get an accelerated bachelors degree in nursing at NMC, you can quickly enter the field with job titles such as nurse manager, nursing director, public health nurse and registered nurse, serving in hospitals, home healthcare services, physicians offices and the military.

    The nursing field is experiencing rapid growth, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The job market is projected to grow by 7% from 2019 to 2029 , and the median pay for nurses is $75,330 per year .

    With the help of our supportive staff and community, accelerated BSN students have achieved a 96%-100% pass rate on the NCLEX exam for the past several years.

    Program Perks
    • Can be completed in 12 months for students with a non-nursing degree
    • Personalized academic support
    • High-tech labs, in-depth clinical experiences
    • Cohort creates community and support as students complete fast-paced, rigorous program
    • Experienced, passionate faculty
    • 100% of Accelerated BSN graduates passed the NCLEX on the first attempt in 2019
    • 96% of ACE graduates are employed within 6 months of graduation
    • CNA not required for admission

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    Apply To The University

    In order to apply to any Orvis School of Nursing BSN program, you must first be admitted to the University of Nevada, Reno for the semester in which you are applying to Orvis. Your transcripts must be submitted and evaluated by the University admissions office, including in-progress coursework.

    *Students applying to the ASBSN program should register at the University of Nevada, Reno as a Pre-ASBSN student. Applicants to the ASBSN program who are not registered at the University of Nevada, Reno, as an active student at the time of application reviews will be ineligible.

    Accelerated Nursing Written Statement

    Please develop a thoughtful and organized response to each of the numbered prompts below. Use this as a chance to let the admissions committee get to know you, what your motivation to become a nurse is, and what excites you to be a part of the field of nursing.

    The admissions committee is looking for responses that are well supported and use appropriate style and grammar.

    Your complete statement should not exceed 1,000 words. If you use any references in the following answers, it is expected that you follow APA formatting guidelines.

    All application materials should be submitted via NursingCAS.

    Instances of plagiarism within an applicant’s written statement will disqualify them for acceptance to Nebraska Methodist College due to the College’s commitment to academic integrity and stringent plagiarism policies.

  • An NMC graduate is an educated citizen who exhibits breadth of learning through the liberal arts and sciences traditions in concert with professional education. Our goal as an institution is that graduates of NMC will be able to articulate and demonstrate growth in the following areas: as reflective individuals, as effective communicators, and as change agents. Considering the educated citizen goals, describe how you would envision using these characteristics as a nurse.
  • Provide an example of a difficult situation or a dilemma and describe how you demonstrated resilience and maintained a positive attitude during this time.
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    Earn A Second Bachelor’s Degree Launch Your Career In Just 12 Months

    Have you already earned a bachelors degree and now want to begin a career in nursing? Through a unique partnership between Jacksonville University and Baptist Health, our new 12-Month Second Degree BSN Program will prepare you to begin a nursing career in just 12 months. Graduates of this program are prepared with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the field of nursing, and leave the program prepared to make their career change as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Our recruiting team is currently working through a high volume of applicants for this program. We appreciate your patience as we diligently respond to each request. We encourage you to sign up for the next Virtual Information Session, where youll have an opportunity to ask questions and learn more.

    Tips For Getting Accepted Into An Accelerated Bsn Program


    Accelerated programs can be highly competitive due to limited seating as well as a high number of applicants. These 3 tips will help you stand out.

  • In order to make you a more competitive applicant, be sure your GPA meets at least the minimum standard.
  • If there are any recommended personal statements, take the time to craft a compelling statement detailing why you want to obtain nursing as a second degree.
  • Depending on the demand and the region, these programs could have an average of hundreds of applicants with as little as 50 seats per cohort.
  • Many nurses who have completed their BSN as a second degree feel that this was a good investment. The life experience that you bring to the program and to the profession of nursing is especially needed when treating a wide range of patients.

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    Requirements For Undergraduate Non

    You must have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.20 on a 4.00 system in previous college work and at least 77 transferable credits from a regionally accredited university, college or community college. The 77 credits must include all courses necessary to meet Saint Louis University School of Nursing requirements. A minimum of 126 credits is required to graduate from the A.B.S.N. program.

    At this time, we cannot accept students who have been dismissed from previous nursing programs or have non-successful completion in courses such as pharmacology and/or pathophysiology, regardless of the program.

    Prior to beginning the program, you must also have successfully completed the following general requirements or comparable courses with a grade of “C” or higher from a regionally accredited university, college or community college. For more information regarding the Jr. Entry A.B.S.N. option, please email Dr. Laura McLaughlin at and Christina Butler at

    Jr. Entry A.B.S.N. Prerequisites for 2022
    • Any Fine Arts
    • Any Fine Art, History, Literature, Politics, Geology, Philosophy or Religion

    There will be a few university specific courses that will need to be taken at SLU:

    • CORE 1000 Ignite Seminar Must be done at SLU
    • CORE 1500 Self in Community Must be done at SLU

    *Human Anatomy and Human Physiology can be substituted for Anatomy & Physiology I and Anatomy & Physiology II, but you must take either-or, not a combination.

    Upns 326 Pathophysiology For Nursing Practice

    This course explores the mechanisms involved in the pathogenesis of body systems throughout the lifespan. Emphasis is on understanding pathophysiology as an alteration in normal physiological functioning of individuals and the presentation of selected pathophysiology and subsequent symptomatology in diverse individuals across the lifespan. The scientific approach will provide understanding of the mechanisms of disease as they are related to clinical decision-making for health promotion, risk reduction, and disease management.

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    Second Degree Bsn Program Overview

    You always dreamed of becoming a nurse. Your bachelors degree is proudly hanging on your wall. But, theres a problem. Your undergraduate degree is in something different, and youre not ready to commit four more years of college to pursue your lifes true passion. The good news is you dont have to!

    If you have a qualifying college degree, you can enroll in our second degree BSN nursing program and graduate in as little as 16 months. With your Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, you will be eligible to take the NCLEX-RN certification exam and begin your career as a Registered Nurse . To learn more, fill out an information request form today, and one of our friendly admissions representatives will contact you shortly!

    No Wait-List

    Our Admissions team will contact you shortly.

    Thank you! Your submission was successful.

    All form fields are required.

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    Georgia College & State University

    J.U. and Baptist Health Team Up Due To Demand For Nurses

    Average Net Price: $20,055Graduation Rate: 66%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 95.96%

    The Georgia College and State University accelerated program of nursing offers a way to engage in a fast-paced study curriculum to get your BSN in record time. You must hold a previous degree and this is a four-semester program. You need to be ready to commit to around 81 hours per week of coursework and clinical practice. The staff recommends that you not hold a full-time job while you are attending school so that you can commit to your school and clinical work. The coursework is closely aligned to the things you will be doing as a nurse after graduation and includes 60 hours of coursework. gives this school a B+ overall rating.

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    California State Universitychannel Islands

    Average Net Price: $14,834Graduation Rate: 59%NCLEX-RN Pass Rate: 92.68%

    If you have completed one Bachelors degree, but you have decided you want to go for your Nurses license instead, youve come to the right place. California State University at the Channel Islands offers a rigorous program that will help you get ready for your licensure exam and prepare you for the world of work as a nurse. CSU at the Channel Islands is rated #8 in nursing programs in the state of California. You can verify this ranking at and also check out their ranking on They got a B- overall for outstanding achievements in their approach to learning.

    Why Choose The Accelerated Bachelor’s Nursing Program

    Youve envisioned a different future for yourself and so have we. Youre ready for a career where you can make a positive difference in peoples lives, where you are respected for your professional skill, knowledge and compassion, and where you can continually learn and grow. Youre ready to be a nurse.

    The Accelerated Programs for Non-Nurses from the University of Rochester School of Nursing were designed for students just like you. You already have a bachelors degree, but youre ready to make a rewarding career change. In just 12 months, you can earn a fully accredited nursing degree through our Accelerated Bachelors Program for Non-Nurses and be on your way to a new and exciting health care profession.

    The UR School of Nursing is one of the most respected nursing schools in the country. Our nursing programs are distinguished for their strong academics and immersive clinical experiences. Yes, youll be challenged, but we offer exceptional support every step of the way to ensure that you reach your goals.

    Perhaps the greatest benefit of getting your degree from the UR School of Nursing is our close association with the University of Rochester Medical Center. Many graduates are employed with the Medical Center and most clinical experiences are right in the neighborhood. Your cohort will become your professional network, and your classmates and professors may likely become your future colleagues.

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    How Much Does An Absn Degree Cost

    The costs of the accelerated program vary on the basis of the number of credits required by the institution for graduation and tuition fees it levies. Remember that as a nursing student you will have additional costs in the form of medical equipment, uniform and licensure examinations cost in addition to tuition and living costs.

    Financial aid for accelerated baccalaureate program enrollees is limited. This is why legislators, federal and state levels, are being persuaded to increase grants and scholarships for such programs.

    Sample tuition and fees for ABSN program for academic calendar year 2018-2019:

    • Duke University School of nursing charges $20,721 per semester and around $2,000 in various fees.
    • Roseman University’s tuition is $54,800 and total fees reach up to $4,000
    • Loyola University School of Nursing tuition is $54,100 and the total fee is less than $2,000
    • Xavier University tuition is $53,550, which comes $850 per credit hour for their 63 credit ABSN program.

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